High quality
made in Italy roof tiles.

40 anni di garanziaGambale manufactures high quality roof tiles for every architectural solution.
Concrete tiles combine great flexibility with superb visual appearance of the roof covering and an excellent performance range, even when constructing more modern and state of the art architecture.
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Rextructura Tile with variable pitch for renovation work Signing your Cover!
Ristrutturazioni e rifacimenti DoppioCoppo reXstructura® "Vario is a tile, unique in its kind, adapts perfectly to pre-existing wooden battens, insulating channels and battens of any centre distances between 32 and 37cm.

This product also comes with the Gambale "40 year" Guarantee.

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Signing your roof Gambale® with the tricolor roof tiles
Free to those who buy coverage the three tiles in the colors of the Italian flag.
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The value of Tradition, the Quality of Technology.

Only advantages! Laying the "Coppo di gronda" tile means the entire roof is laid quicker with increased working accuracy and lower labour costs.

Solutions for a sustainable future.
Base for photovoltaic and solar panels.

Large roof tiles with accentuated curve:
quicker to lay, greater rainwater downflow and lighter coverage weight.

With a revolutionary roof tile that uses pure sunlight to purify the air and clear smog. (photocatalytic principle)
Gambale s.r.l.

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